Turbidity Curtains

A turbidity curtain, also known as a silt curtain, is a flexible, impermeable barrier used to trap sediment preventing the migration from a work site into a larger body of water. This curtain is generally weighted at the bottom to ensure that sediment does not travel under the curtain, which is supported at the top through a flotation system – or staked for applications with very limited exposure to water flow or wave action.

The type of turbidity curtain needed depends on many different factors, including how fast the water is moving, how much silt/turbidity is in the area, and the duration of your project. Land and Marine can help you determine the best turbidity curtain for your needs, offering standard and custom product solutions.

Type 1 Turbidity Curtain – Calm Water

Designed for use in protected waterways with calmer currents and lighter winds.

  • Small Ponds or Lakes
  • Canals and Ditches
  • Calm Marinas or Harbors
  • Small Construction Areas
  • DOT Road Repair

Type 2 Turbidity Curtain – Moving Water

Designed for use in areas with moving water where currents, waves or tides are present.

  • Estuaries and Rivers
  • Shoreline Construction
  • Boat Ramp Creation
  • Pile Driving
  • Dock Repair, Demolition and Maintenance
  • DOT Roadwork and Construction Projects

Type 3 Turbidity Curtain – Fast Water

These are our strongest curtains, recommended for use in areas with flows up to 1.5 knots.

  • Areas With Fast-Moving Water
  • Areas With High Wind or Waves
  • Intercoastal Projects
  • Bays and Harbors
  • Dredging Sites
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