Single & Double Jacket Mill Discharge Hoses

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Single & Double Jacket Mill Discharge Hoses

SJMD Series Single Jacket- RED
DJMD Series Double Jacket- BLUE

“Contractor Grade” Hoses

General Applications:
• Construction pumps
• Plant clean-up
• Pump water discharge
• Wash down – ships/factories

Single or double jacket with 100% polyester yarn. Water and mildew-resistant cover, will not rot, even if the hose is stored wet.

Service Temperature Range: -25°F (-31°C) to +185°F (+85°C)

Features & Advantages:
• Versatile Natural Rubber Tube – Exhibits a good  combination of strength and extreme flexibility for ease-of-use.
• Wide Service Temperature Range – Hose may be used in a wide range of service temperature ranges from -25°F to +185°F.
• Double and Single Jacket Options – Available with a double jacket for additional external abrasion resistance.
• Identification Stripe – Red stripe indicates single jacket version, blue stripe indicates double jacket version.
• Compact Design – Flat hose design rolls up into tight coils for easy storage and transport, takes up less space than other hoses.
• Storage/Shipping Carton – Hoses are individually packaged in cartons for ease of handling and shipping.

See picture for Nominal Specs

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