Poly Racker

Poly Racker

Poly Racker #ENP6000 – 49″ x 23″ x 53″, 1/package- $721.15 (excludes shipping & tax)

Massive 100-plus gallon containment sump ensures spill safety even in worst-case drum leaks.

• The centerpiece of the Poly-Rack System is the Poly Racker, a unique one-piece polyethylene rack that secures two 55- gallon drums
• Deep dispensing well holds 5-gallon pails and contains
incidental spills and splashes without contaminating the sump
• Dispensing wells have a scalloped edge so pails can be easily removed
• Poly Rackers can be transported by forklift as separate pieces
• Includess two standard drain plugs

ENP6000 Specifications
Dimensions: 23″ W x 49″ L x 53″ H
Shipping Dimensions: 53″ W x 49″ L x 23″ H
Sold as: 1 per package
Color: Yellow
Composition: Polyethylene
Load Capacity UDL: 3000 lbs. per package
Sump Capacity: 103 gal. per package
Weight: 120 lbs.
# per Pallet: 4
Incinerable: No
Ship Class: 250

Metric Equivalent Specifications
Dimensions: 58.4cm W x 124.5cm L x 134.6cm H
Shipping Dimensions: 134.6cm W x 124.5cm L x 58.4cm H
Load Capacity UDL: 1360.8 kg per package
Sump Capacity: 389.9 L per package
Weight: 54.4 kg

Warnings & Restrictions:
There are no known warnings and restrictions for this product.
Regulations and Compliance:
40 CFR 264.175 – Hazardous waste containment systems must be free of structural cracks or gaps; designed to keep spilled liquids from remaining in contact with the container; prevent run-on and “have sufficient capacity to contain 10% of the volume of the containers or the volume of the largest container, whichever is greater.” For example, four 55-gallon drums require secondary containment of 55 gallons.

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