Personal Protection Spill Kit

Personal Protection Spill Kit

Personal Protection Spill Kit #PPE-KIT – 17″ x 23″ x 2″, 1/package

All the personal protective equipment you need in one convenient grab-and-go kit.

• PPE stays clean, dry and organized until it’s ready to be used
• Comes in compact bag with zipper seal
• Avoid the hassle of purchasing each item separately
• Includes coveralls, boots, gloves, goggles and more

PPE-KIT Specifications
Dimensions: 23″ W x 2″ D x 17″ L
Shipping Dimensions: 17″ W x 24″ L x 5″ H
Sold as: 1 per package
Composition: Various
Weight: 5.64 lbs.
# per Pallet: 90
Incinerable: No
Ship Class: 100

3 – Tyvek Coveralls (A-TYVEK-XL)
3 – Pair Latex Boots (ALATEXBOOTS)
3 – Pair Nitrile Gloves (A-GLV-NIT)
3 – Goggles (A-GOG)
3 – Disposal Bags & Ties (ADISPBAG)
1 – Emergency GuideBook (A-EGB)
1 – Yellow Zip Closure Bag (894015)

Metric Equivalent Specifications
Dimensions: 58.4cm W x 5.1cm D x 43.2cm L
Shipping Dimensions: 43.2cm W x 61cm L x 12.7cm H
Weight: 2.6 kg

Warnings & Restrictions:
Export Notice
This item cannot be exported to the European Economic Community countries because it does not have the required CE Markings.
Regulations and Compliance:
29 CFR 1910.1450(e) – OSHA requires containment and cleanup materials for spills in laboratories to reduce occupational exposure
to hazardous chemicals.

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