OROFLEX® Drag Polyurethane Manure Drag Hose

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OROFLEX® Drag Polyurethane Manure Drag Hose

OFDG Series Polyurethane Manure Drag Hose

General Applications:
• Drag and transport lines for slurry/manure injection and spreading
• Irrigation feeding line
• Traveler irrigators

Green polyurethane (TPU) hose using an extruded through-the-weave process with circular woven high tenacity polyester reinforcement.

Service Temperature Range: -58°F (-50°C) to +122°F (+50°C)

Features and Advantages:
• Premium Polyurethane (TPU) Material – Exhibits exceptional resistance to abrasion, allowing for use in applications where severe abrasion is a factor and providing longer service life versus rubber or PVC hoses. Also, exhibits exceptional resistance to oils and petroleum based products.
• Unique Woven Construction – Specially designed weave pattern provides resistance to snaking, kinking, stretching and twisting.
• Longer Lengths – Manufactured in special 660 foot lengths to reduce possible leaking points.
• Smooth TPU Tube – Provides low friction loss.
• Compact Design – Flat hose design rolls up into tight coils for easy storage and transport, takes up less space than other hoses.

See picture for Nominal Specs

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