Optimax II Boom 20″ x 50′

Optimax II Boom 20″ x 50′

The OptiMax containment boom is ideal for controlling oil and debris in rivers, estuaries, ports, and harbors. It features a high-buoyancy reserve provided by stable, closed-cell foam log floats. OptiMax conforms to the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 for Protected Water and Fast Currents.

OptiMax is a strong and versatile containment boom that meets OPA 90 specification for use in rivers, streams and near shore ocean environments.

OptiMax II is the contractor’s boom of choice for rivers and streams where conditions such as a fast current may exist that requires additional buoyancy reserve.

The boom is supplied with ASTM compliant interchangeable end connectors for rapid coupling of sections. End connectors are fitted with sacrificial Zinc anodes. OptiMax complies with United States Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) 33.Pt 154. App.C for Rivers and canals, Inland and Great Lakes and conforms with ASTM standard F1523 for Calm Water, Calm Water-Current and Protected Water.

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