C-BOOM 18″ x 50′ CFR/Coast Guard Compliant

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C-BOOM 18″ x 50′ CFR/Coast Guard Compliant

Containment Boom #C-BOOM18-50 – 6″ Float / 12″ Skirt 50’/section

Quickly contain spills and debris on moderately choppy waters.
Our medium-duty non-absorbent Boom floats to keep oil from
spreading into or out of a contained area while the skirt hangs
below the surface to help prevent spills from creeping underneath.

• Internal foam float forms a barrier against oil and debris above
the surface; tension cable adds strength and rigidity
• Flexible PVC skirt hangs below surface to keep pollutants from
escaping; ballast chain adds weight to help keep skirt taut
• Heavy hinge points provide stability, float integrity and durability
in wave conditions; connect Booms together to form any length
• Quick and easy to deploy, even using a small boat with outboard motor
• Versatile, medium-duty Boom is ideal in harbors, rivers, bays,
lagoons, API separators, inland waterways, sheltered water,
canals, coastal waters and other areas with moderate to choppy flow

C-BOOM18-50 Specifications
Dimensions: 50′ L x 18″ H
Shipping Dimensions: 60″ W x 60″ L x 70″ H
Sold as: 1 per package
Color: Orange
Composition: 22oz PVC Fabric
Weight: 82.5 lbs.
# per Pallet: 16
Incinerable: No
Ship Class: 100

Metric Equivalent Specifications
Dimensions: 15m L x 45.7cm H
Shipping Dimensions: 152.4cm W x 152.4cm L x 177.8cm H
Weight: 37.4 kg

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