• MA955 Solenoid Valve for CO2 dosing

    The solenoid valve is an accessory for the MC122 and the MC125 to automate your dosing of CO2 and makes sure that the plants of your aquarium are always healthy.

    MA955, solenoid valve, is supplied with 1.5 m cable.

  • CO2 Solenoid Diaphram Valve

    Includes flow regulator, needle valve, electronic solenoid & bubble counter. Unit comes with dual gauges each with dual reading of both psi & kg/cm. Left gauge meters tank capacity and right gauge meters flow. Needle valve flow control provides for precise measurement.

    The solenoid valve comes with a 1.5 meter power cord. (CO2 bottle is not included)

    Recommended best if used with the MC122 pH Controller.

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