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Turbidity curtains, silt curtains, silt screens, silt barriers, or turbidity barriers, as they are sometimes called, are floating barriers used in marine construction, dredging, and remediation projects to control the silt and sediment in a body of water.

Type 1 turbidity curtains are barriers designed to control sediment and runoff at construction sites in calm waters. They are designed for easy deployment and meet Federal and State clean water requirements.

Type 2 turbidity curtains are durable curtains that are suitable for mild currents, waves, and wind. These barriers are designed for the control of silt and sediment during marine construction and dredging. They are available in impermeable and permeable options.

Type 3 turbidity curtains are suitable for use in tidal zones, rivers, and bays. Different filter cloths can be used to accommodate the design of the project and the type of sediment present. This type of curtain is well suited for bridge, intake, and pipeline construction projects. It is available in permeable and impermeable options.

Custom Curtains Available! 

We can build to your engineering and environmental specifications. Tapered curtains, barge curtains, dive curtains, swim curtains, net curtains, and baffle curtains are a few examples of the custom projects available to you. Request a FREE ESTIMATE and let us know how we can help!

Deep Curtains: We can provide proven deep curtain skirt designs to 100 ft depth. We can provide sustainable deep curtain systems for applications where required, such as drinking water reservoirs and pipeline projects.

PermaFence Curtains: For turbidity curtain applications in water containing ice, debris, oil, or long-term, semi-permanent installations, Permafence curtains are a good solution. Permafence curtains offer a strong, heavy duty, algaecide treated belting curtain top with bolt on HDPE foam filled floats.

Barge Curtains: For dredging projects that require the curtain to move, or for projects that require very localized containment of sediment, we offer barge curtains. These curtains can be floating or cable-attached to the dredging barge and variably deployed to needed depths of coverage.

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