Dewatering Polymer

dewatering polymer with effluentLand & Marine Supply, LLC. specializes in providing a variety of dewatering polymer or eco-friendly biopolymer solutions.

We are constantly testing and evolving our polymer emulsions and solutions to serve the needs of our customers from around the globe. We can test your water or wastewater sample and determine the best polymer mixture. With our exclusive array of coagulants & flocculants, we can meet the need of your industrial, municipal, or residential project.

Our goal is to optimize your polymer or biopolymer dosage process. In turn, we can help you reduce chemical consumption, while conserving resources and above all, maximize dewatering productivity.

Customized Polymer Blends

Each project or jobsite has a different polymer need. We have tested countless samples and know what polymers work for the  dewatering industry.

Therefore, we can produce a customized polymer or eco-friendly biopolymer blend for your project based on your water sample to create the optimal effluent for sludge, solids or biosolids.

For example, if GRAS and Food Grade dewatering polymer is required, we can help! We offer, non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly biopolymers designed to naturally separate sediment in water without negatively disturbing the eco system around the jobsite location.  

Microscale dewatering testing and polymer compatibility testing can determine the combination of products for  your jobsite needs. 

Get peak performance from your current polymer or with our dewatering polymers or eco-friendly biopolymers when combined with our geotextile tubes or bags and injection pumps.

Optimize Dewatering & Polymer Performance

Checkout our services because we can find the best polymer dosage and geotextiles for your sludge dewatering project! 

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